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October 2018

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What is it?

A broad coalition of organisations is working to ensure that charities and civil society are not impacted by three ‘foreign interference bills’ put forward by the Federal Government in December 2017.

The ‘Hands Off Our Charities’ campaign represents organisations from International Development and Aid organisations, Conservation Groups, Faith-based organisations and Human Rights and Advocacy organisations who have come together to highlight the far-reaching consequences of these laws if they are enacted.

Amnesty International is a strong voice behind the campaign, this statement is quoted from their website.


‘The changes in these bills would undermine civil society’s crucial role in helping government make policy decisions that affect all Australians.

Perhaps most frighteningly, the bill would obstruct charities’ work in exposing evidence that holds governments to account, like Amnesty’s advocacy to reduce incarceration rates of Indigenous kids.’


‘Restricting advocacy by charities sends a deeply troubling message – that our government is seeking to avoid accountability. Their actions would have a chilling effect on our democracy.’



‘Charities work to support Australians, particularly those in need, and help put issues you care about at the centre of decision-making.

Essential funds for life-saving medical research, to alleviate poverty, to support Indigenous self-determination, and to protect our forests, rivers and wildlife are now at risk.’


What can you do?

You can join Amnesty, and many other organisations, in getting behind the ‘Hands Off Our Charities’ campaign.