Price per ticket 10
Current Total Pot Size $10,000.00
Remaining Time

Game 2 Sold Out!

$5,000 cash winner drawn 11:30a.m. this Friday 22 May.

Help care for and train a Seeing Eye Dog Puppy with a chance to win up to $5,000 cash!*

  •  1,000 tickets available at $10 each
  • Proceeds from ticket sales go into the ‘Pot’
  • The potential ‘Pot’ is $10,000*
    (* Maximum ‘Pot’ if all tickets are sold.  Final prize will be 50% of the value of total ticket sales in the ‘Pot’)
  • The winner splits the final ‘Pot’ 50-50 with Seeing Eye Dogs
  • Raffle closes at 11am Friday 22 May 2020 (unless sold out prior)

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