When you visit our website and buy tickets in this raffle, you are agreeing to be bound by both the General Terms and Conditions and the Raffle Terms and Conditions (collectively referred to as the ‘Agreement’).  Please read and ensure you understand the Agreement before buying raffle tickets.

Enter Raffle

1) Raffle and Tickets

Parkinson’s NSW 50-50 Raffle Game 10 will commence on Friday, July 1, 2022 at 9:00a.m. AEST and close on Friday, July 8, 2022 at 11:00a.m. AEST.  The Raffle will be drawn on Friday, July 8, 2022 at 11:30a.m. AEST.

1,000 tickets will be available at a purchase price of AUD$10 per ticket. Tickets are only available for purchase online. The chance of winning is determined by dividing the number of tickets purchased by the total number of tickets for sale.

Entry is open to residents of NSW only, who are over 18 years of age, excluding employees, members of the Board and advisory committees of Parkinson’s NSW, Cause Connect™ or other related entity. By purchasing ticket[s], you certify that you are unconditionally authorised and have the capacity to enter this raffle.

Tickets are sold in NSW and are only available for purchase by residents of NSW.  Residents of all other states and territories of Australia (except NSW) are ineligible to enter.

This raffle is a game of chance and is randomly drawn using a random number generator facility to ensure a random selection and drawing of the winning raffle ticket [s].

The retail value of the winning raffle ticket is 50% of the total funds raised in the specific raffle draw up to a maximum of AUD$10,000.

The raffle winner[s] will be notified by email or phone (if number provided) on Friday, July 8, 2022 and details of the winning ticket(s) will be displayed on this website as well as published on social media.

The raffle winner [s] acknowledge[s] that payment of the prize[s] may take several business days for Parkinson’s NSW to process.

Prizes are not transferrable or redeemable for cash (if applicable). Images are used for display purposes only and not to be taken as a true reflection or representation of the raffle prize [s].

Any liability for government charges, expenses, taxes or any other tax or duty is the sole responsibility of each winner.

Raffle tickets purchasers are directed to a secure payment gateway where payments are processed and transacted on behalf of Parkinson’s NSW. The secure payment gateway stores the raffle ticket buyer’s personal information (excluding credit card details).

Cause Connect™ is not responsible for any technical difficulties which prevent tickets from being issued or processed.

Tickets are important records of your transaction so keep issued tickets in a safe and secure location.

Cause Connect ™ and/or Parkinson’s NSW reserves the right to

i) disqualify any entrant without notice if this Agreement is not complied with;

ii) cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the raffle for any technical reason including but not limited to infection by computer virus, tampering or unauthorised intervention or any cause beyond the control of Cause Connect™. For the avoidance of doubt, this right also extends to invalidate any affected entries subject to compliance with the applicable legislation in the relevant jurisdiction;

iii) cancel or amend any aspect of the raffle or the Agreement, subject to complying with any applicable legislation in the relevant jurisdiction; and

iv) remit the full proceeds of tickets sales to Parkinson’s NSW in circumstances where the winner has not claimed the prize[s] within a period of ninety days from the raffle draw date

2)  The Importance of Responsible Gambling

Cause Connect™ supports and adheres to principles of responsible gambling that underpin the selling of raffle tickets and has adopted the Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct.

Please budget to only spend the money that you can afford to lose and if purchasing multiple tickets, please only purchase within your predetermined budget.

Cause Connect™ does not extend credit or offer financial support to facilitate raffle ticket purchases.

Gambling support services are available in each state and territory  https://www.gamblinghelponline.org.au/services-in-your-state.

The Gambling Helpline is 1800 858 858 and online at gamblinghelpline.org.au.

3)  Refund Policy

Payments made for raffle tickets are final other than in circumstances where a purchaser contacts Cause Connect™ advising that they have a gambling problem or in extreme financial difficulty. In those exceptional cases, Cause Connect™ will liaise with Parkinson’s NSW to provide the ticket buyer with an opportunity to cancel or amend their ticket purchase.

4) Our Intermediary Role

Apple Marketing Group Pty Ltd (ABN 45 132 476 709) of Level 8, 11 Queens Road, Melbourne VIC 3004 is the registered business owner and trade mark holder of Cause Connect™.

Cause Connect™ acts as the third party organiser under an agreement with Parkinson’s NSW to assist with their fundraising activities. For any questions relating to the fundraising activities, please contact Parkinson’s NSW.

A fee for service is paid by Parkinson’s NSW to Cause Connect™ for the services provided by Cause Connect™.

You can contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions regarding this raffle.

5) Privacy and Cookies

Your privacy is important to us. Please refer to our privacy statement and privacy policy.

We use cookies to gather information about visitors to our website. Please refer to our cookies policy.

6) Other Important Terms

The law of New South Wales apply to this raffle and this Agreement and you agree to irrevocably submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the [state] courts.

Except as already provided in this Agreement, nothing in this Agreement is intended to limit your rights under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) (ACL) or applicable legislation in the state of NSW.

To the extent permitted under the ACL or applicable legislation, Cause Connect™ including officers, employees and agents will not be liable for any Claims, Loss or Liability (however caused) suffered or incurred by you in connection with this Agreement or the raffle.

To the extent permitted under the ACL or applicable legislation, you agree to be liable for and agree to indemnify Cause Connect™, its officers, employees and agents from and against any Claims, Loss and Liability however caused, suffered or incurred by Cause Connect™ in connection with this Agreement, the raffle or any act or omission by you.

“Claims” means any claim, action, proceeding, litigation, obligation, investigation or demand however arising and whether it is present, future, fixed, unascertained, actual or contingent of whatever description.

“Loss” means any direct, indirect or consequential loss, loss of chance, damage, liability, costs or expenses (including legal costs and expenses) however it arises and whether it is present, future, fixed, unascertained, actual or contingent of whatever description.

“Liability” means any debt or other monetary liability or obligation however it arises and whether it is present, future, fix, ascertain, actual or contingent of whatever description.